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Written By: Erika Floysvik |

Art Week in Miami is easily one of the world’s largest annual art events with top shows and galleries presenting their best works across the city in four short days. While Art Basel gets serious media attention for their A-list attendees and record sale prices, Art Week hosts more than 30 shows, several of which are on our must-visit list. Leading up to the Art Miami, which is held December 7-10, we will be sharing a few of our favourites. 


The Pulse Art Fair is a highlight of the week. The show features contemporary art from established and emerging galleries across the globe, however have a strong North American presence 


This year, we are excited to see what changes are brought by the show’s new Director, Katelijne De Backer, who succeeds super-star director Helen Toomer. 


Some Art Fairs are all about selling booth space to whomever will buy it. This doesn’t make for a terrific experience for the collector. Pulse stands out by being highly selective of the galleries chosen to participate in the show. They also have close relationships with their gallerists and are thoughtful about the works and new artists shown. For this reason alone, Pulse is ideal for both new and conscious collectors. The beachfront location is a bonus and a welcomed break from the Miami madness! 


WHY WE LOVE PULSE: Curated Exhibition, Attainable Pricing, Beach Front Destination 


Here are just a few exhibits we are looking forward to at Pulse: 


 Taisuke Mohri represented by Frantic Gallery  

Taisuke’s stunning hyper-realistic pencil portraits are overlaid with glass, distorting sections of the work and giving pause to question the reality of the image. The skillful detail of these drawings and the slightly dissonant effect of the obscured image is quite mesmerising. 


The Cracked Portrait No 7, 2015 by Taisuke Mohri

Donna Ruff – represented by Rick Wester Fine Art 

 Donna’s intricately detailed hand cut pieces elevate one of the most common of objects, a newspaper, into nuanced yet powerful statements. Using the pages of the New York Times as her canvas, she carefully slices graphic patterns into the paper giving a powerful focus to the stories they contain.  


‘Hometown paper’,9.13.17 by Donna Ruff 


Karen Knorr represented by Danziger Gallery 

 Karen’s imaginative work features fairy tale like imagery of animals featured in elaborate architectural settings. These digitally manipulated images give pause to question their true reality and also examine deeper issues of power and culture, inserting real, live animals into richly decorated Western spaces depicting animals and nature. 


‘Love at first sight’, Palazinna Cinese by Karen Knorr 


Aida Muluneh represented by Jenkins Johnson Gallery 


Ethiopian born Aida’s bold and colourful imagery contain powerful statements on culture and current events. In the image below, entitled “Both Sides”, she comments on President Trump’s recent response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The floating bananas reflect the insidious racism that persists not only in United States, but in Europe, where bananas are routinely thrown at black football players.  


“Both sides” by Aida Muluneh, 2017 


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