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The 5 types of gallery goers you’ll find at an opening reception

Written By: Donna MacMullin |

Opening receptions are a long-standing tradition that comes with every gallery exhibit. They are usually a night event meant to entice the public into getting to know the exhibition, the artist and their work as well as have the opportunity to network. Although the success of an artist is not inherently linked to how many people show, a successful opening reception is a pretty good indicator of how popular your exhibition will become. Here are five types of gallery goers you will encounter at an open reception.

1. The serious buyer

This person is probably very understated and focused on the artwork. More than likely they are studying the piece and the environment of the opening reception. They are going to want to talk to you, so make sure you spend some time to answer their questions.

2. The media rep

Press is great for any opening reception. You will most likely encounter media reps taking photos of your work or sneaking a short interview with you. Make sure you are prepared to deal with questions beforehand.

3. The social butterflies

You don’t really know who these people are but they are overtly friendly and are barely paying attention to your work. These social butterflies mostly show up to meet other people and network rather then to view the art. Don’t feel offended. They can create a cool vibe and will probably take a million pictures with you.

4. The die-hard fans

There are people who know more about your art than you probably do. They are going to love talking to you so make sure you can manage your time and be able to politely move on to another crowd if you feel they are hogging your attention. They are probably familiar faces to you but you can’t seem to remember their names.

5. Emerging artists and curators

Much like the Social Butterflies, you will begin to wonder if these people are really here for your art or to make connections. The answer is, probably both. You should always encourage emerging artists and curators to take part in your opening reception, as they are the future of the art market.

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