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Investing in Art Prints

Written By: Erika Floysvik |

It goes without saying that when it comes to investing in artwork, original art has always been at the top of the food chain. In more recent years, an increasing number of both artists and art investors have started to recognize the value of producing and collecting limited edition art prints. These prints can provide much greater accessibility to collectors who may otherwise find themselves being priced out of the market, and simultaneously also provide artists with greater exposure and the potential of a larger customer base. 

These prints provide an attainable entry point into what can be a very solid art investment. As an artist's overall work increases in value, so do the value of the prints. Early purchasers of Andy Warhol's iconic "Campbell's Soup Can (Tomato)" prints purchased their pieces for $100 in 1962, their value is now estimated at $9 million. 

"1701 - A" by Mike Smalley. Limited edition prints available at Art Collectif.

The influx within the current market of "low end" or inexpensive prints which are open edition has sometimes misled people to think that art prints are merely just copies of the original piece. They are, in fact, much more than that. The production of a high quality print requires a great deal of skill, talent and knowledge from both the artist and the print maker. It is a specific art form with its own set of creative challenges.

As a collector looking at investing in a limited edition art print, proof of authenticity is key. Ensure that your pieces have been hand signed and numbered by the artist. Art Collectif also provides an certificate of authenticity with each purchase, so that you can be completely assured if its origin and authenticity. 


"Toast" by Erin Rothstein. Limited edition prints available at Art Collectif.

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