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5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Art

Written By: Donna MacMullin |

In our fast-paced digitalized world, we are all absorbing information at a faster rate than ever before. This means you need to leave a lasting impression in a shorter time. As an artist, you are not only responsible for the way you portray yourself, but also your body of work. Artist and exhibition statements do part of the job, and here are our top tips for selling yourself quickly and strategically during public appearances or meeting a buyer in person.

1. Convey that your art has meaning

Collectors love artwork that has significance beyond its visual merit. You don’t need to include everything that has inspired your career but feel free to touch on personal material if applicable. This is also a great way to show how passionate you are about your art and its significance to your life.

2. Be clear and concise

As much as we encourage you to expose the meaning of your work, we also suggest you keep your explanations clear and concise, using basic language. This is not the right time to use art jargon, as it can make some people feel excluded. Remember, your art has to be communicated to buyers that may not have an art background and it needs to resonate with them.

3. Leave sales discussions out

In the public eye, you should always be “the artist”, even if you play a big part of facilitating the sales portion of your practice. You should always be the face for the artwork, not the business model behind it. If you have a representative, always refer sales questions to them.  

4. Take questions

Being open to questions makes your audience feel included and makes you appear accessible. Although most questions will probably be positive, be prepared to professionally respond to negative feedback. Spend time on answering queries that are productive and relevant to your current artwork, instead of work that may be old and dated.

5. Read your audience and customize your speech

Are you presenting your work at a gallery full of art lovers, or an event that has other elements and interests going on? Be prepared to adapt and customize your approach to potential collectors depending on the setting, to ensure your that your work holds resonance with your audience.

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