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Artist Profile

5 Social Media tips for Artists

As an artist today, you have to wear many hats! You’re not just an artist - you are also a brand manager, a marketing maven, an events planner, a logistics expert and more!  

With the digitalization of art and retail, one of the most time consuming branding strategies, but also the most important, is having a strong Social Media presence. Social Media can be an elegant art all by itself. Many artists have expanded their practice to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Whether you are an emerging or even an established artist, you have to integrate your practice into Social Media to not only reach a wider audience but to also compete in a market that is quickly converting to digital means.  

 Here are our best 5 tips for Social Media: 

 1. Make Posting To Social Media Part Of Your Daily Routine 

Social media takes daily maintenance and effort. You must consciously and strategically integrate posting into your daily routine. If you feel like you don’t have time to post every day, subscribe to services like Hootsuite that can help to automatize the process for you.  

Don't overwhelm yourself by feeling like you need to master all platforms. Try them out and find the one that feels like the best fit for you then focus on that one. Due to its visual nature, we'd suggest Instagram. 

  2. Engage With Your Followers  

Engage, engage, and engage! Look out for and 'like' posts that are about your art, be sure to answer to private /direct messaging regarding your work and reply to comments. You can also retweet and repost from fans and audiences. You can use hashtags to connect with other similar artists and people interested in similar things to network and share your work and ideas. Working alone at times can be lonely, but social media can be a great way to feel connected and share ideas with like-minded people or other artists.

 3. Personal vs. Professional Content 

Be mindful of the tone that you are bringing forward to all your social media accounts. Remember that your social media accounts are public and show up whenever someone searches your name up. If you want to post mostly personal content, we suggest you share that a private page where you can share primarily your friends/family/loved ones. Ideally you should aim to strike a balance between "professsional" posts sharing your work, and a few personal ones that help to reveal a bit of the person behind the artwork. 


Art Collectif founder Erika Floysvik shares an image from a recent trip to New York.


4. Consistent Name/Username 

Keep your account name and user name consistent throughout all your social media accounts to make it easy for people to find and follow you. Preferably, your username should be your professional “art name" or your real name.  

 5. Multi-Media Content & Variety  

Take advantage of all the formats of multi-media, from video to images, text and more. A video of your studio or a small insight into your daily life can help to give your followers some deeper insight into your behind the scenes life or the creation of your work. 


Art Collectif artist Erin Rothstein shows a behind the scenes shot of herself signing a finished piece on Instagram.

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