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AC People

Art Collectif travels across North America, Europe (and sometimes beyond) to find the rising stars of the art world. We attend shows, exhibits and gallery openings to bring you the very best contemporary art. Each piece is carefully and purposefully chosen for our collection and every artist is encouraged to share their story. In this way, we connect you with the person behind the art. Because art is more than paint on canvas, art is story.

5 Social Media tips for Artists

As an artist today, you have to wear many hats! You’re not just an artist - you are also a brand manager, a marketing maven, an events planner, a logistics expert and more!   With the digitalization of art and retail, one of the most time consuming branding strategies, but also the most important, is having a strong Social Media presence. Social Media can be an elegant art all by itself. Many artists have expanded their practice to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Whether you are an emerging or even an established artist, you have to integrate your practice into Social Media to not only reach a wider audience but...

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Mike Smalley

Born in Warwickshire, England in 1945, Mike attended York University in Toronto to study Fine Arts. His deep attraction of calligraphy and mark making permeates his work through his emphasis on a visible line and his dedication to follow its connection throughout each work.

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Mitch McGee

The influences for McGee's own artwork came from the style of Pop Art legend, Roy Lichtenstein. His creativity exists in that space between painting and sculpture. In his Birch series, McGee uses pieces of wood, each illustrated, hand cut and stained or painted to create dimensional pieces.

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Joanna Johnston

Joanna is a photographer with a professional background in architecture. She currently lives and works in France as a full time commercial photographer in the fashion and beauty industry. Joanna's work has been shown at numerous galleries in Toronto and is held in private and corporate collections in Calgary, Toronto, and Los Angeles. 

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Patrick Eugene

An emerging force in abstract expressionism, Haitian American painter, Patrick Eugène (b. 1984) challenges the social, cultural and societal expectations placed on and held by his contemporaries. Eugène’s work has been featured amongst the most promising new pioneers in contemporary art, garnering the praise of both critics and esteemed collectors.

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Norman Lasca

Norman Lasca is a painter, playwright, poet and screenwriter. His paintings have shown in New York, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon – in solo, and in group shows. His plays have been work-shopped and produced across the United States.

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Erin Rothstein

Erin Rothstein is a Canadian artist, born in Montreal, and living and working in Toronto. Her signature hyperrealist style of portraying edible subjects aims to foster a new appreciation of art in an immersive foodie culture.

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