{ "articles": [ { "title": "Spring Break - 9 Great Pieces to take you away on a Tropical Vacation (even if you're staying home)", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/spring-break-9-great-pieces-to-take-you-away-on-a-tropical-vacation-even-if-youre-staying-home", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/76d3e900-af10-48fe-99b3-24e70e14d7bb_grande.png?v=1522927629", "summary_html": "This week marked the first official week of Spring and judging from all the "Out of Office" auto-replies we've received, we know that many have taken off to sunnier locales to soak in a bit of that much-craved sunshine we've been lacking all winter. For those of us who are home-bound but still craving a little tropical boost, we've rounded up some pieces of art that lend the bright and sunny feeling of a tropical vacation. Pictured above: Slim Aarons, Holiday in Mustique, 1989 LM Chabot - Miami Beach, FL 03 - 40" x 30"Limited edition set of prints    Trevor Paglen - Under the Beach (Tumon...", "category": , "date": "March 24, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "10 Fun Facts about Yayoi Kusama", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/10-fun-facts-about-yayoi-kusama", "tags": "art eventart exhibitionsiconic artyayoi kusama", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/28b20045-b699-4aae-ba63-daf09b0c260d_grande.jpg?v=1521734337", "summary_html": "10 Fun Facts about Yayoi Kusama Of all of the Art Shows on our schedule this year, the one we have been most excited about is Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors, which is currently at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Offering a unique and completely immersive art experience, Kusama's show has sold out at most venues around the world and drawn rave reviews from its attendees. Kusama is definitely an example of where the details of the life of the artist just as interesting as art itself. Here are a few interesting facts to know about her.1. She is trained...", "category": , "date": "March 17, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "In honour of Black History Month - 6 Black Artists to Watch", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/in-honour-of-black-history-month-6-black-artists-to-watch", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/97d9cc29-a379-4595-bb08-b65e51b653cb_grande.jpg?v=1522926292", "summary_html": "As Black History Month kicks off, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the immense artistic talents within the Black art community. Art is such a powerful tool to provoke conversation, share personal stories, and even evoke change. These talented artists use their various mediums to tell the important, and but often misunderstood and misrepresented stories of the Black experience as a rich part of our collective cultural tapestry. Kehinde Wiley  Kehinde's striking portraits use traditional elements from classical portraits of European, but using modern subjects in everyday clothing, often using photographs of young men on the...", "category": , "date": "February 03, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "7 Great Books to Inspire the Young Artist in Your Life", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/7-great-books-to-inspire-the-young-artist-in-your-life", "tags": "art booksart collectorsart for children", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/49aead88-431f-4fb4-9703-a317dd722c62_grande.jpg?v=1522925661", "summary_html": "It's never to early to start learning about and appreciating art. In fact, some of the most creative and imaginative compositions we come across are created by young ones.  We think it is important to start nurturing this creativity from a young age and encouraging the young ones in our lives to look at the world in a fresh way that allows them to see all of the creative possibilities. While nothing beats hands-on activities and visits to see local art and events, luckily there are also many great new books out there that can help to spark a bit of a creative...", "category": , "date": "January 27, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Six Artists Who Capture the Feeling of Winter", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/six-artists-who-capture-the-feeling-of-winter", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/1c1b32f6-20c7-41ae-a8bb-9db19074f3ac_grande.jpg?v=1521719107", "summary_html": "    While winter may not spring to mind as everyone's favourite season with its uncomfortable temperatures and challenging commuting, it's hard to deny its sheer beauty. Like the crisp white walls of an art gallery, a fresh blanket of snow creates the perfect backdrop for bright pops of colour to stand out. A stark snowy landscape creates a feeling of calm and tranquility.  With its natural beauty and feeling of coziness, there are many reasons to savour and celebrate the season. Here are a few artists who have done so very beautifully through their artwork.   Pictured above: Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Snow Day, Archival inkjet print face-mounted...", "category": , "date": "January 13, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet", "author": "Elliott Ro", "url": "/blogs/news/pantones-colour-of-the-year-for-2018-ultra-violet", "tags": "contemporary artpantone colour of the yeartrends", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/fb9a83bb-d074-4ea0-a38e-00b59f7c7192_grande.jpg?v=1521718639", "summary_html": "Trend Spotting  Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet   Every year Pantone selects a new colour of the year, based on trends they have noticed the year before, and setting the tone for the year ahead. You'll see these colour trends starting to spill over in many areas, from fashion and interior design to household products and yes, even in art. The colour has had many associations throughout history - from wealth and royalty, to spirituality and mysticism. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute notes "It's often associated with mindfulness practices, so it has that spiritual or mystical quality...", "category": , "date": "January 06, 2018", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Dream Weavers", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/dream-weavers", "tags": "contemporary artel anatsuiernesto netojanet echelmantrendsweaving", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/641f71d8-de92-4627-9c1f-0be33a2db28e_grande.jpg?v=1521718001", "summary_html": " Trend Spotting Dream WeaversBlurring the lines between craft, sculpture and painting, these talented artists create pieces that provide the viewer with so much more than just a pretty image. Richly detailed and textured, their pieces provide powerful and often, immersive experiences that engage the senses. Shown above - Installation by Janet Echelman in Dever, Colorado.     Channing Hansen California based artist Channing Hansen's large-scale 'paintings' are hand knitted constructions mounted onto wooden frames. Hansen is involved in every step of the process from start to finish. He dyes and spins the fibre himself using silk, alpaca, mohair, and wool. He then knits the strands...", "category": , "date": "December 30, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "The Best of Art Miami - 2017 Edition - CONTEXT", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/the-best-of-art-miami-2017-edition-context", "tags": "art miamicontext", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/CONTEXT_grande.png?v=1512181810", "summary_html": "Art Week Miami is easily one of the world’s largest annual events with top shows and galleries presenting their best works across the city in four short days. While Art Basel gets serious media attention for their A-list attendees and record sale prices, Art Week hosts more than 30 shows, several of which are on our must-visit list. Leading up to Art Miami, which is held December 7 – 10, we will be sharing a few our our favourites.    CONTEXT Miami      We are gearing up for our upcoming trip to Art Week in Miami and looking forward to some of...", "category": , "date": "December 02, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "THE BEST OF ART WEEK MIAMI – 2017 EDITION", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/the-best-of-art-week-miami-2017-edition", "tags": "art buyingart collectorsArt MiamiArt showscontemporary artcontemporary art salesemerging artistsinvesting in artPulse Art Fair", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/static1.squarespace_grande.jpg?v=1511662397", "summary_html": "Art Week in Miami is easily one of the world’s largest annual art events with top shows and galleries presenting their best works across the city in four short days. While Art Basel gets serious media attention for their A-list attendees and record sale prices, Art Week hosts more than 30 shows, several of which are on our must-visit list. Leading up to the Art Miami, which is held December 7-10, we will be sharing a few of our favourites.   PULSE ART FAIR  The Pulse Art Fair is a highlight of the week. The show features contemporary art from established and emerging galleries across the globe, however have a strong North American...", "category": 1, "date": "November 25, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Creative Profiles - Ariel Adkins of Artfully Awear", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/creative-profiles-ariel-adkins-of-artfully-awear", "tags": "ariel adkinsart collectorart curatorsart inspired outfitsartfully awearcontemporary art", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/Artfully_Awear_Dale_Chihuly_Garden_and_Glass_1_grande.jpg?v=1509309316", "summary_html": "  Creative Profiles   Ariel Adkins of Artfully Awear  We are always inspired by our talented friend Ariel Adkins AKA @artfullyawear, and her dedication to dressing like a masterpiece.    Ariel hand-paints garments inspired by original artwork of all genres, mediums and eras, and from artists around the globe. Claiming Oscar Wilde’s quote as her mantra – “One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art” – Ariel uses Artfully Awear to express her artistic obsession from head to shoes.    With autumn in full swing and Halloween just around the corner, we found it fitting to share Ariel's outfit tribute...", "category": , "date": "October 29, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Putting Art at Centre Court", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/putting-art-on-centre-court", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/IMG_6372c_grande.jpg?v=1507992699", "summary_html": "As avid art lovers and collectors here at Art Collectif, we are always excited to see art in homes or on display in galleries, but we can also be equally excited to see art in more unexpected places - a large scale urban mural or in this case, a basketball court.  Project Blackboard is a nonprofit organization that refurbishes run-down basketball courts, primarily in urban neighbourhoods across the United States, by covering them with art. The organization was started by Daniel Peterson, a former college basketball player and employee of the Memphis Grizzlies, who had noticed that many of the local basketball...", "category": , "date": "October 14, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Starting with Art", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/starting-with-art", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/Screen_Shot_2017-10-08_at_10.27.09_AM_grande.png?v=1507473171", "summary_html": "While we all know that art can enhance and bring life to a living space, too often it is treated as an afterthought or the last element in a space to coordinate with the existing pieces. We would advocate that, while that approach may work sometimes, given the impact that it carries in often creating the focal point and feeling of a whole room, it often can and should, be the starting point of the space. Selecting the right piece is only half of the equation, however. The choices you make in how to display the piece will have a...", "category": , "date": "October 08, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "4 Artists who use embroidery in their artwork", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/4-artists-who-use-embroidery-in-their-artwork-1", "tags": "artcontemporary artembroideryemerging artists", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_2.33.53_PM_955003a5-776b-4ff2-8922-d0792d1defdf_grande.png?v=1504896890", "summary_html": "This is not your grandmother's embroidery! We've been noticing these hand stitched details popping up as a new trend in art recently. These four artists use embroidery in their artwork in a way that is fresh, playful and thoroughly modern.  AJ - @pajnsy on Instagram  UK based artist AJ has an incredible eye for detail. His hand sketches in ink and pencil are exquisite, but the pieces that really caught our eye are his embroidered portraits. The use of colour and texture through embroidery take the pieces up to a whole new level.  Zoe Buckman New York based British artist...", "category": 2, "date": "September 09, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Investing in Art Prints", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/investing-in-art-prints", "tags": "art buyingart investmentlimited edition prints", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/Untitled_1701-A_1024x1024_ea23e8d4-de51-4853-b606-4cbf6016c2ed_grande.jpg?v=1504068121", "summary_html": "", "category": 1, "date": "August 26, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "4 Artists that Capture the Feeling of Summer", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/4-artists-that-capture-the-feeling-of-summer", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/2e7b9c7d-bcb2-41dd-abeb-3df6a0430867_grande.png?v=1504068836", "summary_html": "As we savour these final weeks of summer, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few artists who capture the essence of the season so clearly in their works.  1. Sally West Sally's simple textured pieces capture so much movement and detail in a single thick oil brushstroke. Pictured below: "Sunny and 31 - Plein Air", 75 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, 2017   2. Erin Rothstein  Erin's hyperreal paintings of some of our favourite summer treats are so realistic that we've been tempted to lick the canvas. Her "Marshmallow" piece brings back fond memories of summer bonfires.Pictured below: "Marshmallow", 24"...", "category": 4, "date": "August 19, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Meet A Collector - Susan Swartzman", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/meet-a-collector-susan-swartzman", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/TH8_7624-Edit-web_grande.jpg?v=1501097118", "summary_html": "AC Founder, Erika Floysvik, toured the stunning home of Toronto-based Designer, Susan Swartzman, to view her collection of artwork and to chat all things art, architecture and design. Susan shared the inspiration behind her eclectic interiors and the driving force behind her art purchases. Photography by Tony Hicks www.tonyhicksphoto.com", "category": 4, "date": "July 26, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Artist feature - Joanna Johnston", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/artist-feature-joanna-johnston", "tags": "artist biographiesartist statementscontemporary photographyDouble exposure photographyjoanna johnston", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/20161227_130459-02_1024x1024_c997176c-c886-46fb-bd08-7f5b07ea3e40_grande.jpg?v=1499885934", "summary_html": "Written by Donna MacMullin Joanna Johnston (Calgary, Canada) is a fine art photographer with a professional background in architecture. Though the use of double exposure techniques and painterly composition, her images explore the opposing forces of light and dark, urban and natural settings, public and private life. Her work has been shown at galleries in Toronto and is held in private and corporate collections in Calgary, Toronto, and Los Angeles. She is currently living and working in France. Art Collectif caught up with her recently to learn more about her work.   After working as an architect, I’m curious about...", "category": 4, "date": "July 15, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Meet A Collector - Lisa Lonsdale", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/meet-a-collector-lisa-lonsdale", "tags": "", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/810_9827-Edit-web_grande.jpg?v=1501098548", "summary_html": "Lisa Lonsdale is a luxury real estate agent in Toronto. A new Collector, Lisa has quickly developed a personal aesthetic and has stayed true to her vision – a challenge for many emerging Collectors. Her interview with Art Collectif Founder, Erika Floysvik, was held in her contemporary glass home in Toronto’s trendy West end. Photography by: Tony Hicks www.tonyhicksphoto.com. Toast and Avocado shown by Erin Rothstein. Banner image by photographer Joanna Johnston.", "category": 4, "date": "June 01, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Artist Feature - Patrick Eugène", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/artist-feature-patrick-eugene", "tags": "abstract expressionismartist biographiesartist statementsPatrick Eugene", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/Patrick_Eugene_Headshot_2015_grande.png?v=1496149591", "summary_html": "Patrick Eugène (b: 1984, Brooklyn, New York) started to explore art as a creative escape from the stress of his day job in the finance industry in New York. “It began with sketching at my desk in between clients,” he says. “I fell in love with the expression and took it from there.” At 27, he committed to painting full-time, capturing the complex joys, anxieties and confusion of coming of age in New York through deeply layered composition, vibrant colours and textures. Eugène’s work has been featured among the most promising new pioneers in contemporary art, garnering praise from critics...", "category": 4, "date": "May 09, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Top 4 themes we’ll see more of in contemporary art in 2017", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/top-4-themes-we-ll-see-more-of-in-contemporary-art-in-2017", "tags": "art themes 2017art trends 2017contemporary artcontemporary photographydystopiaminimalismPatrick Eugenethemes in contemporary arttop themes in art", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/AC_BLOG_Trending_grande.jpg?v=1492029756", "summary_html": "If recent global events are any indication – and if art imitates life – we can expect 2017 will be a dramatic year for the art world. While our newsfeeds are dominated by stories of political drama and social tension, collective feelings of uncertainty and anxiety will be manifested in the work of contemporary artists. Whether that means a dominance of politically-charged works, or the opposite – artists striving for simplicity and greater authenticity – depends on who is holding the paintbrush. Here are the top 4 themes getting big play in contemporary art this year. 1. Dystopia Sales of...", "category": 2, "date": "April 12, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "The 5 types of gallery goers you’ll find at an opening reception", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/the-5-types-of-gallery-goers-you-ll-find-at-an-opening-reception", "tags": "art curatorsart exhibitionsart galleriesart openingsart partiesemerging artistsgallery exhibitionsgallery openingopening partysocial butterfliestypes of gallery goers", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/gallerygoer_grande.jpeg?v=1492029290", "summary_html": "Opening receptions are a long-standing tradition that comes with every gallery exhibit. They are usually a night event meant to entice the public into getting to know the exhibition, the artist and their work as well as have the opportunity to network. Although the success of an artist is not inherently linked to how many people show, a successful opening reception is a pretty good indicator of how popular your exhibition will become. Here are five types of gallery goers you will encounter at an open reception. 1. The serious buyer This person is probably very understated and focused on...", "category": 1, "date": "April 12, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Art", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/5-tips-on-how-to-talk-about-your-art", "tags": "art collectorscontemporary art salesemerging artistshow to sell artworkhow to talk about my artselling art to potential collectorsselling artworkselling yourself as an artisttalking about your artwork", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/howtosell_grande.jpeg?v=1492028953", "summary_html": "In our fast-paced digitalized world, we are all absorbing information at a faster rate than ever before. This means you need to leave a lasting impression in a shorter time. As an artist, you are not only responsible for the way you portray yourself, but also your body of work. Artist and exhibition statements do part of the job, and here are our top tips for selling yourself quickly and strategically during public appearances or meeting a buyer in person. 1. Convey that your art has meaning Collectors love artwork that has significance beyond its visual merit. You don’t need...", "category": 1, "date": "April 12, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "3 Kinds of Artist Statements You Need to Write", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/3-kinds-of-artist-statements-you-need-to-write", "tags": "artist biographiesartist statementsdescribing your artworkhow to write an art biohow to write an artist statementtypes of artist statementswhat is an artist statement", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/writing_grande.jpg?v=1492028757", "summary_html": "Artist statements are essential to any art practice. They consist of the artist's own written description of their work to give the viewer understanding. It is generally used to inform and connect with an art context, and present a basis for the artwork. We suggest you write three types of artist statements for three types of venues and have them saved and ready to send. 1. For your portfolio This is the statement most people are going to see as an introduction to you and your work, and it should always be available on your website. This artist statement should...", "category": 1, "date": "April 12, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "5 Social Media Tips for Artists", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/5-social-media-tips-for-artists", "tags": "art marketingdigital marketing for artistshow artists can build their social media presenceInstagram for artistssocial media for artistssocial media marketing for artistssocial media tips for artists", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/socialmedia_grande.jpg?v=1492028411", "summary_html": "As an artist, you have to wear many hats. Beyond putting paint to canvas, you are a brand manager, a marketing maven, an event planner, a logistics expert and more. With art marketing becoming ever more digital, one of the most time consuming branding strategies is social media outreach. Many artists use Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc… and know that building a social media presence is an art all by itself. Whether you are emerging or established, integrating social media into your practice can not only help you reach a wider audience, but to also allow you to be more competitive....", "category": 1, "date": "April 12, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "5 Best Reads on Contemporary Art Collecting", "author": "Donna MacMullin", "url": "/blogs/news/5-best-reads-on-contemporary-art-collecting", "tags": "Adam Lindemannbest art booksbooks on art collectingcollecting artcollecting contemporary artDon Thompsoneconomics of artEthan Wagnermichae findlaySarah Thorntonthe value of art", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/AC_BLOG_BeAPro_grande.jpg?v=1491955353", "summary_html": "Are you curious about why some artwork sells for millions while others sell for mere thousands? Or why some artists make it big while others are grinding it out in their local studio? Making sense of the art world can be tricky. These five books offer great insight on how this crazy business works. 1. The Value of Art: Money, Power, Beauty (By Michael Findlay) Findlay is an art dealer based in New York. His background includes starting one of Soho's first galleries in the mid-1960s, Christie's auction houses during the '80s art boom and more recently working alongside gallerists...", "category": 1, "date": "April 11, 2017", "comments": [] }, { "title": "Top 5 Tips for Collecting Art", "author": "Erika Floysvik", "url": "/blogs/news/top-5-tips-for-collecting-art", "tags": "art buyingart collectingbuilding an art collectiondocumenting artworkemerging artistsfind your art aesthetichow to collect artinvesting in artoriginal artstarting an art collection", "image": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1353/3157/articles/AdobeStock_112423717_grande.jpeg?v=1492027803", "summary_html": "The goal of Art Collectif is to see more original art hung on walls. We love it when people ask us how to start collecting because it means there is one more person out there helping us to achieve that goal. Collecting art is a long-term investment with satisfying returns, both personally and financially. A seasoned collector can isolate specific works from thousands available at any given time. They are especially good at assembling works in way that increases their value or advances our understanding of the art and artist. But this takes practice. The good news is that anyone...", "category": 1, "date": "January 12, 2017", "comments": [] } ], "articles_count": 26, "page_size": 50, "current_page": 1 }